About the Girls

Asma Siddiqui
The First Girl On The Bus

Asma Siddiqui – The First Girl On The Bus

A wishful traveler, always planning and looking forward to the next adventure. From international vacations to weekend getaways she’s fantasized about them all, planned plenty, and has taken a few. She’s a full-time HR Manager at a data consultancy and spends most of the day interacting with people. The rest of her day is divided between eating good food, drinking strong mugs of tea or coffee, and reading a book. She spends the weekends with friends trying out new places to eat and shoot for her Youtube Channel. She’s obsessed with making vlogs and seems to spend enough of her time convincing friends and family to face the camera. Not everyone does, but that doesn’t mean she’s short on content.

When traveling she focuses on observing culture, and the behavior of the local people. She absolutely loves studying people! She enjoys tasting local food and taking pictures for her instagram account. Her signature photograph pose is sitting in the middle of a road or street and everything unconventional. When she’s behind the camera everything from leaves to landscapes fascinate her.

You won’t be disappointed to get on the bus with her, she’s fun and slightly crazy (she does have the tendency to embarrass ordinary people) but all the fun people enjoy her sense of humor a lot!