We left our journey last at the roadside cafe where we had stopped over for a cup of tea. And what a break it was, it changed the course of our entire road trip. While we were having our chai my Brother in law asked me if I wanted to go to the Bhambore museum. Of course, I was tired, sleepy, and slightly hungry as well. I would have loved to get back home and sleep but then I also thought it was not like I’ll be coming back here any time soon. Let’s benefit from all the opportunities I can. So I said yes let’s do it. 

I canceled my meeting for the evening and was relaxed about having no obligations and looked forward to exploring some more of Sindh. My brother-in-law led us to the Bhambore museum, which is a step away from the Bhambore fort. It is one of the oldest museums in Sindh and artifacts from many centuries ago are on display. We took a tour of the museum and saw the artifacts on display, personally, I was amazed by the numerous civilizations that inhabited this land. I’ve always enjoyed imagining what life might have been like centuries ago, and it was interesting to see the tools, jewelry, kitchen utensils, metal, weapons, and currency, of people from different times. It was just like reading a book. 

After we were done with the tour of the museum, we headed toward the fort. My sister’s parents-in-law had seen so much of this throughout the time they frequented these places in the past, they had little interest in seeing any more of the fort and they took a break. While the rest of us walked up, it was a walk from the museum to the fort. But the sight from the top is beautiful. There is the Gharo lake that you can see from there and the Gharo creek is visible from the top as well. 

We walked around a bit, taking pictures, and admiring the view. There was relatively a bigger crowd here, well I shouldn’t be calling it a crowd but relatively more people were exploring the fort than people in the museum. I would have loved to walk around the area more but I was exhausted so I headed to the highest spot that I could walk up to easily and looked around. It was a spectacular view. 

Like most forts, it is on a height so you have a 360-degree view of the area. Most of the fort is now a ruin but you can still see the boundaries of the structure, rooms, walls, and a well or what remains of it. I understand that the city was a port in previous times, but when the Indus river changed its course Bhamore lost its status as a port city. Close to the fort, you’ll be able to find the remains of the oldest mosque in South Asia. I did not see this, but it intrigues me to visit the place again and explore the area in more detail. I’ve also enjoyed myself greatly on this road trip and hope to be taking more of them this year. 

After spending some time here, we decided to return, I was a little concerned with the weekend traffic on the way back, but it wasn’t too bothersome, about an hour later we arrived at my sister’s place where I decided to take a nap to refresh myself because I was sure I would be unable to drive back home.

So after a 45-minute nap and some snacking at her place my dad and I returned home, while my sister and her family got ready to go to a wedding. They had a long day and I’m sure they were far more tired, while I came back to a warm bed and a book to read.

Photo by Russ McCabe on Unsplash

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