It maybe the Turkish Soaps I had been watching on YouTube or television but the sound of the Turkish language fascinated me. A lot of words in the Turkish Language are the same as in Persian, and Urdu is 1 part Persian, I heard hard to find words that was able to comprehend when listening to the Turkish speak and find similarities between Urdu and Turkish.

So, speaking of the sounds of Istanbul, the first sound I heard was the Turkish Language, during the flight. Of course this sound came without the subtitles and I was unable to understand it, but, I’ll have to admit I love the sound of the language. I also have an interest in learning the language but I’m not sure I’ll get there.

The next sound on my list is the sound of boats on the Golden Horn. The Golden Horn is the place with a variety of activity happening and because of that it is one of the noisiest places. There are people walking along the pier, tourists, visitors, people taking the ferry, people crossing the place. The ferries carrying passengers across the Golden Horn or the Bosphorus. Seagulls flying over, men fishing, people selling things along the shore. But if you separate all these sounds the loudest background sound you’ll hear are the boats that are either docking in or sailing out, boats honking. It is the one sound there that holds and completes the whole scene together.

Another noisy place are the bazaars, whether you are in Spice Bazar or the Grand Bazar, you’ll be called out directing you to buy things from a certain shop. You will be offered free samples to try and then lured into purchasing. You’ll hear random Turkish music coming out of shops. You’ll hear people bargain and haggle for purchases. You’ll hear people yelling orders out. The bazaars are generally a hub of noise and activity.

While on the streets another sound that you’ll hear often and recognize is the sound of the Metro or the trams, you will soon recognize it enough to get out of the way. Its amazing to see the discipline of the traffic as well as the pedestrians to stop and make way for the Metro or the Trams. Within the metro people are silent. Regardless of what hour they are traveling at, it is just common to see everyone keep to themselves and the most anyone will say is a word or a phrase if necessary. It is a perfect ride to read in peace or just enjoy to view. Something that I did very regularly on the metro.

Written by

Asma Siddiqui

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